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BJP MP Maneka Gandhi booked for hate speech

BJP MP Maneka Gandhi had alleged that a pregnant female elephant was fed a pineapple filled with crackers in Malapurram district and also claimed Malapurram to be the most violent district in the country without any valid source of information. This statement was targeted towards the Muslim majority district Malapurram but she quoted wrong facts as a way to create communal hatred. After detailed report on the investigation of the pregnant elephant it was revealed that it didn't die in Malapurram rather died in Palakkad district. Her speech has led to a huge communal uproar.

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Incidence on
Feb. 10, 2021, 10:55 p.m.

Nature of Violence
  • Hate speech
Prime Facie Factors
  • Manufactured Rumour

Name of the Victim
Muslims in Malapurram
Name of the Perpetrator
Right Wing Hindutva

Action taken so far
Under investigation<br> Sec 153, 153A, 120B IPC


Uttar Pradesh,    India

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