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Muslim man beaten to death in Palwal, Haryana

A 22-year-old Rahul Khan was beaten to death by his three friends over allegedly stealing a mobile phone of one of them in Palwal on December 15, even as the victim’s family has alleged that it was a communal hate crime. All three suspects who the Police identified as as Aakash alias Diljale, Vishal, and Kalua – all residents of Rasoolpur village in Palwal – have been arrested. Wife of Rahul Khan said, before breathing his last in the hospital on December 15, Khan told her that five people, including Kalua, beaten him with rods. She said they believed Kalua registered a case of accident to hide the crime. “On December 15, we received a video, in which Rahul can be seen pleading and being beaten mercilessly. The suspects were threatening him, and saying ‘Hum Hindu Hain Hindu, Tu Mulla Hai Mulla’ (We are Hindus, and you are a Muslim), she said.

Information Highlights

Incidence on
Dec. 15, 2021, 4:18 p.m.

Nature of Violence
  • Act of Violence
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  • Targeted Attacks

Name of the Victim
A 22-year-old Rahul Khan
Name of the Perpetrator
Aakash alias Diljale, Vishal, and Kalua

Action taken so far
3 individuals arrested.


Haryana,    India

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