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Elderly Man Beaten up in Noida Sector 37

Kazim Ahmad, 62 year old, left for Aligarh from his home in Zakir Nagar, Okhla- New Delhi to attend a wedding function. He reached Noida sector 37 around 8 am. While he was waiting for transport to Aligarh, some people in a white car called him and offered him a seat to Aligarh. When he sat in the car, he inquired about the fare. They told him that around 160-170 would be charged. On this, Kazim Ahmad told them that this was more than normal fair. But in a few minutes, Kazim Ahmad sensed something unusual. He asked them to let him get off the car but before he could do so they forcibly held him hostage inside the car and they started beating him. To humiliate him further, they pulled down his pajama (a light lower wore with kurta) to expose his genitals. He added he was pushed out of the car after fifteen minutes. He was bleeding and he got swelling on his face as he was brutally beaten up. His FIR could not be lodged so far. His son and nephew are struggling for getting FIR lodged. Jamiat delegation offered legal aid to the victim but they seemed little reluctant but Jamiat delegation conveyed to them that Jamiat strongly stand by them. Jamiat can be approached any time if they seek any help.

Information Highlights

Incidence on
July 4, 2021, 8 a.m.

Nature of Violence
  • Physical Attack
Prime Facie Factors
  • Religious Identity

Name of the Victim
Kazim Ahmad
Name of the Perpetrator

Action taken so far
Jamiat Delegation Met the victim and offered Legal Aid


Sector 37 NOIDA
Uttar Pradesh,    India

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