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Islamophobia, Muslim resident opposed by local residents, Moradabad – UP

Islamophobia, Muslim resident opposed by local residents, Moradabad – UP
Islamophobia, Muslim resident opposed by local residents, Moradabad – UP

Residents of a middle-class neighborhood in Western Uttar Pradesh’s Moradabad have put up posters declaring that their houses are up for sale and threatening an exodus from the neighborhood after two properties there were sold to Muslims, although the district administration suggests a property issue at the heart of the matter. Almost every door in Shiv Mandir Colony in the city’s Lajpat Nagar area bears a poster saying: “Samuhik palayan. Yeh makaan bikau hai. Sampark karen. (Collective exit. This property is for sale. Please contact).” The posters were put up late last week, and the residents claim it is because of the sale of two properties in the neighborhood to Muslims. On Wednesday, both these properties, located at two separate entry points of the small neighborhood, were found locked. “There is a mutual understanding that they will live in their areas, and we will live in ours, and that has been working well. Why do they forcefully want to come live here and spoil the atmosphere. Our cultures are different. We have our own festivals that we want to celebrate in our own way. They will do qurbaani during their festivals,” said Gaurav Kohli, a businessman whose family has been living there for the past 40 years. As part of their protest, the residents gather every day at the Shiv temple in their colony. A banner at the entry to the temple announces that the entire neighborhood is up for sale. The residents claim “protecting” the temple is also driving this protest. Taking note of the protest, the administration has conducted a probe into the matter, said District Magistrate Shailendra Kumar Singh, who visited the locality with the Moradabad SSP Tuesday.

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Aug. 5, 2021, 5:48 p.m.

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Uttar Pradesh,    India

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